Lay Leadership


In the front line of New Heart Mission Church is our shepherd and lead pastor, Pastor Paul Chung, who is fighting the battle for this generation.  He is the force of God, pulling and pushing and guiding the sheep so that we can be fully equipped and set apart in this world.  Alongside our precious shepherd is the lay leadership, who are trained to take care of God’s sheep. Fully armed with the helmet of salvation, breastplate of righteousness, belt of truth, feet fitted with the readiness to share the Gospel, shield of faith and the sword of the Spirit, New Heart is ready with God’s leadership to feed and nurture His people.

Paul M. Chung
Leader Pastor

Reverend Paul Min Chul Chung graduated from the Biblical Theological Seminary with a Masters of Divinity degree in 2002 and became an ordained Pastor commissioned by the Korean Church of Queens.  There, he served as an English Ministry Pastor for 13 years, while practicing dentistry and raising a family with his beautiful wife, Ellen.

 Then, in late 2008, God gave Pastor Paul a vision for a Church that prepares the next generation and builds the families.  Pastor Paul recognized a mission field of 1.5 and 2nd generation Asian Americans in New York in order to restore their relationship with God and with one another.  God not only gave Pastor Paul the vision, but also the means, to plant New Heart Mission Church in a beautiful church at a great location in Manhasset, Long Island. Pastor Paul sold his dental practice and embarked on a full time ministry knowing that God will fully provide for his family.  With God as the Head of our Church, Pastor Paul and a few others began to build New Heart Mission Church on the foundation of our core values: worship, prayer, restoration and mission.

 Since the beginning of New Heart Mission Church in 2008, Pastor Paul has seen the lives of countless young, second generation brothers and sisters be transformed through the Church.  To his surprise, God also opened our Church doors, not only to the second generation, but also to the first generation parents and grandparents to come and quickly grow in our Church.  God showed Pastor Paul that His vision had become a clear reality as it became a common sight at our Church, for the first and second generations to worship together, pray together, fellowship together, and embrace one another in unity and love.

 Pastor Paul has been blessed by the various ministries God has allowed to prosper in this young Church.  Even with his packed schedule filled with numerous discipleship training classes, daily prayer meetings, membership classes, multiple mission trips throughout the year to Africa, Asia, Middle East and Europe, four Light of Love America ministries a year, along with many private and marital counseling to his congregation members, he is propelled by the grace that God has poured upon our Church.  He is humbled when he realizes how much God loves our Church and intends to use it for His kingdom.  Pastor Paul is now diligently equipping the second generation lay leaders at New Heart to do the ministry, as he prepares himself for full time foreign missions in the near future.